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Check out UK and Nigeria University head to head(MUST READ)

When people are asked why African nations are struggling in areas of development, governance and many others,when the developed world are flourishing, many are quick to give excuses ranging from bad leadership, corruption,ethnicity e.t.c. In this post , i like to present a different approach to these problems. I sincerely think African biggest problem is  lack of a well structured Education system. For simplicity, i like to use Nigeria and UK as a case study because i have lived in both countries well enough and i have gotten degrees in both. It has been very easy to discover educational patterns that make the UK what it is today and also the patterns that characterizes the Nigeria education system.

1. UK built their education system around their own way of living, their culture and to solve their own problems while Nigeria adopted a system that is so different from its way of life in many areas.

2. Research findings from studies in the UK are integrated into the system to impact government and citizens positively while research findings from Nigeria universities are stacked in unread books and journals and don't impact the lives of the ordinary man.
3. Quality education is made accessible to all in the UK while only the rich can afford the allegedly "good education" in Nigeria.

4. Education research, project and studies are sponsored by the government and business organizations to a large scale in the UK while government and business sponsored researches in Nigeria is almost non-existent. Interested and smart individuals inconvenience themselves to carry out researches and the fact that the results are swept under the carpet make this so painful.

5. In the latest QS ranking, UK currently boast about 17 universities in the world's best 100 university while no Nigeria University is in the top 1000 world universities.

 To say African continent will undergo a major turn around if they tackle their education crisis is an understatement. Lets all join hands to make African work.


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