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UK'S Ten most competitive business degree courses

Are you very competitive and currently thinking of a business degree in the UK and don't know which university will be well suited for your needs, here is a list of the top 10 most competitive business degree courses as compiled by the Telegraph, UK
10. Durham University
Students on Durham's business course have an average Ucas points tally of 429. Durham's business course also has the lowest proportion of international students on this list, at just 25 per cent. 

9. University College London (UCL)
UCL business students average 438 Ucas points, and are the oldest of the student bodies on this list - 11.1 per cent of them are mature students. 

8. University of Exeter
University of Exter's business course is one of the UK's most prestigious, demanding an average 453 Ucas points from its accepted applicants, but has the highest student:staff ratio of the universities in this list, with 64.8 students per member of staff. 

7. King's College London
King's College London take seventh place on this list, with 466 Ucas points being the average requirement for a successful application. It has one of the lowest male:female ratios on this list, with female slightly outnumbering males (0.92 males per female). 

6. The University of Bath
Bath's business students have an average 471 Ucas points, and collectively make up the largest student body on this list, with 855 students enrolled in 2011/12. 

5. Imperial College London
Imperial makes our top 10 with its prestigious business course, whose 75 students - the smallest student body on this list - have an average 478 Ucas points each. 

4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
The fourth and highest-ranked London university on this list of top business degrees expects its students to pick up 478 Ucas points. It also has the highest propostion of part-time students on this list, at 3.1 per cent. 

3. University of Warwick
Warwick takes third spot, with 490 Ucas points the usual asking price for admission. At 62.6 per cent, Warwick has one of the highest proportion of international students on the list. 

2. University of St Andrews
The only Scottish institution on this list boasts the second-best business course by entry requirements in the UK, with 524 Ucas points typically held by its undergraduates. At 86.8 per cent, its student satisfaction rate is the highest of those on this list for which we have information. 

1. University of Oxford
The top ranked business course in the UK by entry requirements is at the country's oldest university - Oxford business students have an average of 560 Ucas points. It is also the only course on this list with a 100 per cent completion rate, and has the highest departmental expenditure per student (£30,753).


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